Eye, Ear and Nasal Drops PCD Pharma Franchise Companies In India

OculENT™ Healthcare is a specialized dision of Albia Biocare® committed to provide the best quality Eye, Ear & Nasal Healthcare Products.

With the ever growing health issues relating to eye, ear, nose and throat have been increasing, rapidly, there seemed a greater than ever need to provide the best medicine in the market and OculENT™ is the best platform to get your needs met. With 450+ products divided into three divisions, Albia Biocare® has addressed these growing needs by launching OculENT™ Healthcare. It specialises in Eye, Ear & Nasal products. Albia Biocare® and OculENT™ have devoted themselves to providing exceptional quality GMP certified ENT Healthcare Products to the customer at a reasonable cost.

Noplin Eye drops

Packing : 10 ml It is a decongestant used to relieve redness, puffiness, and watering eyes due to colds, allergies, or eye irritations because  of various...

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Nepadip Eye Drops

  Packing : 5 ml This medication is used to relieve eye pain, irritation, and redness after cataract eye surgery. It  belongs to a class of drugs known as NSAIDs....

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Moxitik-P Eye Drops

Composition : Moxifloxacin HCl 0.5% + Prednisolone 1% Packing : 5 ml It is a topical anti-infective eye drop used to treat bacterial conjunctivitis or other bacterial infections of the eyes....

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Levobia Eye Drops

Levofloxacin 0.5% Packing : 10...

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Fluriset Eye Drops

Flurbiprofen Sodium 0.03...

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Catafit Eye Drops

Potassium Iodide 3.3 % + Sodium Chloride 0.83 % + Calcium Chloride 1.0 %   Catafit Eye Drops especially, when the decision is to postpone to cataract surgery in patients with uncontrolled...

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